ecclesia: church at the chip
a community of faith, love and hope

Church at the Chip Shirts

  Fellow Chippers Unite!

Custom-made Church at the Chip shirts are now available. You’ll be amazed how many people will ask you about it. (After all, this might be news to you, but not many churches meet in a saloon.) It’s only $15 for a short-sleeve T-shirt, $20 for a long-sleeve T-Shirt. Or if you’re super stylish, you might want to get a dress denim shirt for $35. Pick one up before or after any worship gathering

Good SAM Homeless Ministry

  Every Second and Last Sunday

On the second and last Sunday of each month, at 5 pm, we “Share a Meal” with our homeless friends in south Scottsdale. In addition, each second Sunday, we bring nonperishable food items to our worship gathering in order to distribute them to our local food bank. It’s a tangible expression of our desire to be a community “sent with hope,” for Jesus said to us, “Freely you have received; freely give.”

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