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Community Bible Reading Project

We are a week into our Community Bible Reading Project. How is it going?

If you haven’t started yet, it’s not too late. Simply download this app to your smartphone, and begin to read: Bible Reading App.

Just jump in with today’s reading out of Genesis and Luke, and if you have time this weekend, try to pick up the chapters you missed. But don’t worry if you don’t catch up! The object is not to finish the Bible; it is to cultivate your relationship with God through a daily time of Scripture reading and prayer.

A week ago I sent you a brief animation introducing the Gospel of Luke. Today I’m sending you a similar animation which introduces the book of Genesis. Watch it. It will help you understand these ancient stories and how they fit into the Big Story of God’s rescue for our beautiful, though broken world: Genesis 1-11

In a week or so, I will offer you another resource to help you in this project, but it will require a deeper commitment on your part. But more about that next week! (Hint: it involves finding a partner to take this journey with you.) For now, enjoy the video, and let’s take the next step in this incredible journey together.

God bless you,