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Hurricane Harvey / Breakfast at the Chip

We’ve seen the pictures and read the reports, and we all want to do something to help.

Tomorrow is your opportunity. In our Sunday worship gathering, we will be taking a special offering to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. If you are able, please come prepared to give. In addition to this, as part of our regular commitment to use its resources to serve others outside ourselves, our church will be making a donation to add to your personal gifts.

We will be sending the funds to a church in Houston which is deeply involved in helping families recover from the disaster. The church has a rather unusual name: ecclesia. That’s right. We’re not the only ones with a crazy church name!

ecclesia houston is a well-respected church with a proven track record of being a gospel-driven church which takes seriously Jesus’ command to love their neighbors. They do it year-round, and they are actively involved in responding to the hurricane crisis. We will be forwarding our love gift directly to them to aid in their efforts.

So, while it’s always a great day to come to Church at the Chip, tomorrow is on day you don’t want to miss. There’s our complimentary monthly breakfast hosted by the Buffalo Chip. There’s the opportunity to give to support flood victims. And, we’ll make sure the fans work this time! (Some electrical issues got in the way last week — sorry about that!)

See you tomorrow,