ecclesia: church at the chip
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Breakfast at the Chip!

Our favorite day of the month is coming up: Free Breakfast Sunday! The weather will be perfect for our outdoor worship gathering, and afterward we will enjoy a delicious cowboy breakfast provided by the Buffalo Chip.

Not only is it a great time to worship with Church at Chip — it’s also a perfect time to invite a neighbor or friend to join you for Cowboy Church. They’ll get to experience the casual, welcoming, encouraging atmosphere of our worship gathering, and to top it off, enjoy getting to know others around the breakfast table. What could be better?

As we near the end of our two-year trek through the Bible, we’ll be taking a look at the little book in the Bible called 1 John. It’s a timely and practical message called, “Signs of Life.”

I’m looking forward to being with y’all this weekend. Come hungry; we’ll try to fill you up with food to fill you up, both body and soul.

See you Sunday!

Steve Gilbertson