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Holy Week?

Holy Week
Have you ever thought about what those words mean? The Hebrew word for holy is quodesh. It means “set apart-ness,” or “separateness.” So when we speak about “Holy Week,” we are talking about it as something “set apart” from all other weeks of the year. Of the 52 weeks in our calendar year, only one is considered “Holy Week.” For the follower of Jesus, it is, by far, the most important week of the year.

And yet, for many Christians, it is mostly a week like any other. Yes, we celebrate Easter. But other than that, if we are not careful, we will treat the other days like any other day in the calendar.

Let’s not do that this year! Let’s decide to make next week “Holy” — a week set apart, separate, and special. How will we do that? Here are a few suggestions.

1) Celebrate Palm Sunday this Sunday morning at 9:00
Because we are not able to have a service on Good Friday evening (the Buffalo Chip is already rather busy on Friday nights, as you may know), we will take time to remember Jesus’ death in a meaningful way during our worship gathering. If you’ve been here for a while, you know what I mean. If you’re new here, you’re in for a treat. Do not miss Palm Sunday.

2) Walk with Jesus to the Cross during Holy Week
Take time each day to reflect on Jesus’ last week. Start with Mark 11 on Monday, and take a chapter each day until you reach the Crucifixion account on Friday. Ask God to make these familiar events fresh and meaningful to you. To help you, I will send a devotional email to correspond to each day’s reading.

3) Spend time with your church family during Holy Week
Don’t celebrate Holy Week alone. Important events, whether joyous or somber, bring families together. Find a way to spend time with your church family. We have four small groups which meet in Cave Creek. Each of them would be glad to welcome you to their group during Holy Week. Information about each of these groups is available on Sunday morning; or reply your interest to this email and we’ll tell you how to contact them directly.

4) Invite a friend to join you for worship on Easter Sunday morning
We have two services on Easter. One is at 7:00, and the other is at 9:00. In between, at 8:15, we have a complimentary breakfast. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection — and a perfect opportunity to invite a friend to share the experience with you.

Holy Week
Yes, I know there are lots of distractions next week: March Madness. Spring Break. Opening Day. And, yes, even though it’s Good Friday, I’ll be saying the opening prayer before bull riding, just like I always do at the Buffalo Chip.

But in the middle of all this, will you join me in making it a “Holy Week,” a week set apart for worship, and remembrance? How about it? Next week, let’s walk with Jesus down the via dolorosa. After all, he took that walk so we wouldn’t have to.

See you Sunday!