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Preacher's Barbecue on June 10

When our church was very small, it was easy for us all to know one another. As our church continues to grow, it’s getting a bit more difficult. We’re always looking for ways to connect with one another outside of Sunday morning services.

One of the ways we do that is by hosting a Preacher’s Barbecue every quarter at our home. (Not the kind of “preacher roast” you do with one another right on Sundays when church ends five minutes late!)

Everyone is invited, but we specifically do it for these kinds of folk: Those who are new to Church at the Chip, and those who celebrate birthdays or anniversaries during the quarter. That means this: If you’re new here, or if your special day is in the months of May/June/July, we’d love to welcome you to our home this Sunday night (June 10) at 5:30 for our Quarterly Preacher’s Barbecue. (If you’d just like to hang out with us that evening, you’re invited too!)

Like everything else in our church, it’s a simple and casual affair. We provide brats and dogs and all the fix’ns. You bring a side dish or a dessert. Or just come with an appetite: there’s always plenty of food to go around.

We love having you in our home. Hope to see you! Come at 5:30. We’ll eat about 6:00. We live at 6540 E Military Road, right in the heart of Cave Creek. Call 480.510.9518 if you have any questions.

See you Sunday night,

Steve and Donna Gilbertson
6540 E Military Road, Cave Creek

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